Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update On ePay

I just received this email from Doreen today on the roll out of ePay:
The Company is pleased to announce a new employee pay program that will substantially improve the way Securitas USA employees receive their pay. The program will provide significant economies for our employees and the company and, at the same time, provide an environmentally “Green” solution that will reduce paper consumption of 2.6M checks and envelopes per year.

The new program consists of the following elements:

Paystub information will be available to all employees through a web based system, a phone voice response system, and an automated fax back feature

Payroll Choices

Employees may choose either of the following methods to receive their pay:

Direct Deposit – new campaign to increase the number of employees selecting this method of receiving their pay at their own banking establishment

PayCard - this program offers employees that do not have bank accounts or do not want to utilize Direct Deposit two ways to receive their pay:

Visa® Payroll Card - provided by Citi® Prepaid Services - the card is retained by the employee, funded each pay cycle, and functions like a debit card

Pre-Check – a pre-authorized check completed by the employee that can be cashed at various retail establishments

There are many advantages that this new program will provide to our employees and the company as follows:

Access to payroll detail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by web, phone & fax

Access to paycheck history for up to 3 years

Access to paycheck detail the day before payday

Ability to view pay stubs through the web, phone, fax, and to print, if applicable

PayCard Benefit

Convenience – obtaining their full net pay with no check cashing fees at 40,000+ Visa® member banks across the country

Reliability – timely pay delivery that is not subject to physical delivery issues and advance viewing of pay data online or via the telephone

Flexibility – card purchases at millions of merchants

Control – online and phone account management

Support – answers to card and pay questions 24/7

Security – fraud protection based on certain terms and conditions

Branch Offices

Distribution – regular pay checks and pay stub advices will no longer be sent to the office eliminating the need to be handed out or distributed to job sites

Lost Check Issues – significant reduction in payroll related “emergencies” by providing pay electronically rather than through a live check

Potential Delays – weather delays, natural disaster impacts, courier outages or strikes, USPS delivery issues all go away with electronic pay distribution

For the program to be successful, it needs to be communicated to all employees so they understand this is a positive change that benefits them and the environment. Promotional collateral for all the elements of the project have been created to assist in this effort. During the month of October, all employees currently signed up for Direct Deposit delivery of their pay will receive two payroll stuffers in their pay advice envelopes. The first stuffer will introduce the program and the second will announce the last printed pay stub they will receive.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Series EE Savings Bonds

Series EE Savings Bonds are available through a payroll deduction program. Bonds can be deducted as a one-time only purchase, or set up as an ongoing deduction.
Series EE Savings Bond purchases will be handled on a one to one basis. This type of Savings Bond has a purchase price of half the face value of the bond. For example, an employee wishes to purchase a $50 Series EE Bond. Upon authorization from the employee, we will deduct the $25 purchase price in one sum, from one check only. We will then purchase the bond for the employee.
Bonds are mailed directly to the employee by the Federal Reserve Bank, and take 4-6 weeks from the time of the first deduction to arrive.
This transaction requires that the employee complete a bond purchase authorization form, a copy of which is available at the Danbury Office. The original signed, completed form will be sent directly to EOC Payroll.
For more information about Savings Bonds, please refer to the Federal Reserve Bank website:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conversion to ePay in November

Coming in November 2009 Securitas Security Services USA will convert to electronic pay-stubs (check this weeks paycheck envelope for details).

The next step will most likely be the elimination of all payroll checks.

What does this mean to you:
  1.  if you do not have direct deposit you will be issued a debit card.
  2. This could end up costing you money when using it at a local ATM machine. Some of these machines charge 2.50 for the privilege.
  3. There are withdraw limits on most ATMs.
My advise too everyone, get DIRECT DEPOSIT!