Monday, November 1, 2010

ePay Security Login Enhancement

 Effective October 29, 2010, 10 PM EST our ePay enhanced security features were turned on.  As you login to access services provided by TALX for (employment verification, online pay check information and, unemployment tax management) activities, there will be a one-time initial enrollment after entering your user ID and password.  This additional safety measure is being added as a step to continually improve the security of confidential information.  The format is likely to be familiar to you as it is one currently used by many leading financial institutions to better ensure users are who they say they are.  If you would like more information or would like a preview of the process, please visit: to see a slide show of this enhancement.
step by step instruction sheet


  1. I am very hurt by the company this month.Ihad to have a serious surgery in Nov of 2011.The surgery was more complated than we was aware
    of .Ihad to stay off longer than Iwas supose
    to.When Icame back my job was no longer there
    for me .Iam not sure when I will have a perment
    position.I have been in the same location for last 12 years. I dont feel that Ishould have to go against what my doctor thought was best for my condition. I was not even told about it before Iwas ready to come back .THe union was a joke.

    1. join the crew they dont care about their employment. we just a body making them money


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