Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010 – our best year ever

According to Alf Göransson President and CEO of Securitas AB
In terms of profitability, the last three years have been our best ever. In 2010, the real improvement in operating income continued and reached 6 percent, and also the operating margin improved compared with 2009. Securitas is coming out of the recession in a better shape than we were in when the recession hit.
Read more about Securitas in the Full-Year Report January-December 2010 on www.securitas.com


  1. Now, how about sharing the wealth with your officers???

    $10.75 is a terroble hourly wage in this day and age, especially after working TEN YEARS for Securitrash!!!


  2. My thoughts exactly. Securitas made a good profit last year, I bet it has something to do with keeping wages low while charging clients more, especially at the rate of inflation, we suffer.

  3. I make $9.75 lawl. If there was another job that lets me do my school work the whole time I'm at work (excluding patrols), I would get a new one. I would hate to be in a position where this was my career for life.

  4. That not good can we get some of the profit


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