Monday, January 28, 2013


Please note that all 2012 W-2 Forms have been mailed directly to the employee’s home address as posted in the Payroll System as of December 31, 2012. In the event an your W-2 has not been received as of January 31, 2012, please verify the address with the your local office. If the address is correct, wait few extra days for possible slow mail delivery. If the address is incorrect, please make the necessary change to the system (this includes both current and former employees). Changes update in the Payroll Systems with the next regular Payroll cycle. Please be advised that this will not be reflected on the 2012 W-2, but the returned W-2 can be re-mailed to the updated address upon return by the USPS.

To simplify and expedite the process for obtaining reprints of W-2 Forms, employees may obtain reissued statements over the Internet. This process will allow employees, to immediately access their forms, print them out or have them sent to an e-mail address. The website,, is currently available for 2005 through 2011 W-2's and will be available for 2013 W-2s beginning approximately February 1, 2013. The initial password is your 6-digit birth date (MMDDYY), without dashes or slashes, for example: 011250, however, you will be asked to change to a personal secure password upon initial log in. The Employer PIN number is 1645. If you used at any previous time, then you have already changed your password and must use that password to enter into the system.

If you do not have access to the Web, you may request a duplicate copy of the W-2 by completing the “Request for Reissued W-2 Form”. The referenced form are at your local Branch Office. In order to ensure all W-2 Forms have had adequate time to be delivered, please note that the Payroll Departments will begin the reprint process on February 8, 2013. The W-2 Request Form can be emailed, faxed, mailed or handed out as required. Once you complete and sign the Request Form, it can be faxed or mailed back to the appropriate Service Center, as indicated on the individual Service Center forms. All W-2 Forms will be mailed to the address printed by you on the form. W-2 Forms will not be faxed or transmitted electronically. Also, please note that you will need to allow 10 working days for their request to be processed and mailed.


  1. Hey there!

    The info is most welcome. However, the login process you mentioned when dealing with seems incomplete. When you go to the website it requests a Login ID, a Password and an Employee Pin. The pin is 1645 and the password is our birthdate. What do we use for a Login ID?

    1. I' sorry I didn't respond to you sooner. I believe it is you employee ID if not call your branch office to find out what it is.

  2. You can find a fillable W-2 form or any other tax form you need at

    You can edit your W-2 tax form, fill the text fields, add a variety of checkmarks, digitally eSign the pdf form and even add pictures. After your pdf tax form is completed, it can be printed, emailed, faxed or saved on your computer. You can even send fillable pdf forms to your customers, employees, vendors and partners.

  3. All I want is to access my actual pay stub - why is this so difficult ?


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